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If I’m being completely honest, working at humit barely felt like a job — not in the I-Barely-Worked kind of way but in the Work-Didn’t-Feel-Like-Work kind of way. I worked as a Community and Growth Intern at humit for two months and it was honestly one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. The team had a way of making sure you always had the opportunity to do something new and, most importantly, learn from it. I networked with up-and-coming artists, met new people on social media platforms I had never used before, and finally learned how to use discord bots (before they got discontinued, RIP).

My “hot take”, however, is that the people form the core of humit — from the folks who send progressive rock playlists on the discord server to the diverse group of… I want to say… crackpots (?) on the team. I would definitely attribute my positive experience with humit to the absolutely fantastic bunch of people I ended up interacting with. From the moment I made my first Reddit meme to the last time I cursed at a discord bot, there was always someone there to help me figure out what I was doing wrong, and hype me up when I did something right. They had weird ways of doing it, sure — I’m looking at you and your obsession with discord invites Ishaan — but it genuinely made me feel like I was working with friends and not just colleagues.

Over and above this was also the fact that everyone was hyped about being able to work on something they found exciting. Not to sound like a broken record, but I really do believe that music brought us together throughout the entire experience. Whether it was Preetika and I making the others feel old with our pop culture references, Prithvi’s dad jokes about new music, Radhika’s 2000s Bollywood obsession, or even Rohit’s “I’m-Not-Like-Other-Girls” aversion to Taylor Swift — we always had music to talk about.

I can’t wait to see where humit goes next and I know for a fact it’s opening eyes to new kinds of music, new people in music, and new eras of music. I’ve seen all three happen to myself and others over these last two months and am honored to have been a part of what we will discover next!