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The world of music may be ever-changing. Remember the good ol’ days when you walked around with your headphones over your head? Or with your walkman — yes — not an iPod, showing off your latest music discovery? Remember how there was a channel called MTV that introduced us to the songs that are still our favourites? Discovering new music gave us a sense of happiness and wonder. As if the world was not entirely magical — up until then, it was simply shades of black and white splattered across on a plain board of canvas, which made its way to a million tunes. Can you recall the precise moment when you first heard a song that caught your fancy? Perhaps yes. But can any music recreate the same sense of wonderment anymore? Perhaps not. Why?

As per research, at least 1,000 new songs are uploaded on music streaming sites like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Napster, and even more every hour of the day. How do you ever imagine navigating such a wasteland — or wonderland of music?

Hang on, before we delve into how you can discover new music, let’s talk about what exactly ‘social music’ is all about other than two broad keywords clubbed together. In layman’s terms, it is as simple as diving into how we socialise around music today. It could be anything — from recommending a song to your friend, getting to know how your friend found the song you recommended or learning about what your friend is listening to currently.

If you’re not an audiophile, we recommend you stop reading this here right now. But if you are, here are a few accessible ways to discover new music AND share them with your peers.


We all know well about this music streaming and sharing giant, which changed the music landscape to a considerable extent back in 2008. With over a bank of 600 million songs, Spotify has easily taken the first place to discover new music. What makes it different from the rest? Genre-based playlist — whether you are fond of a hand-picked playlist or not, you’re sure to find something that will catch your fancy based on your algorithm and/or most listened to artists. Make use of the Release Radar feature to collect information about the music history and update a playlist of similar genres and artists to provide you with the latest releases.

Oh, and the best part? It is free. In a world full of sites and subscriptions, Spotify comes as a breath of fresh air (and some excellent music, of course!).

Apple Music

Apple established itself in the music streaming world way back in 2001 with its iPod, which quickly became a must-have gadget among music freaks. It meant the age of flipping over cassette tapes were gone and how! Eventually, Apple came out with Apple Music and iTunes — a collection of over 70 million songs to stream, share and enjoy. While Apple Music does have its fair share of frills (the connect feature), and it is not the easiest app to navigate, updates suggest there will be better changes in future that are user-friendly! So, how do you find a new song in such a vast sea of music? The best way to do so is to go through your favourite artists’ page and scroll through the ‘similar artists’ or ‘influencer’ section. Find something that fits your genre and time period criteria, follow the artists, and get to know what others are listening to.

Want to go back in time? Use the Apple Music Radio feature that streams 24*7.


We all know how YouTube is the Reddit of video and music sharing. There’s a reason why it’s called the largest video streaming platform — be it a cat video or game review, YouTube has it all. And sometimes, in the midst of all these and more, you end up finding a hidden gem of music that stays with you for years on end. YouTube’s categorisation in terms of genres, artists, and songs is fairly decent — our favourite part about it is how after one music ends, there’s another one similar to its genre already queued up, ready to play!


A classy, new entrant in the social music sharing and discovery scene, humit is the jack of all trades. You say it, humit has it — music sharing? Check. New and old music discovery? Check. Engaging with people from all around the world? You know it — check! humit has that other streaming giants don’t because you can create a station in the app and tune into your channel whenever the mood calls for it. Not only is it super simple to use, but also it is a good tool for discovering new music based on other artists or songs you like. Download humit for Android here. Are you using an iOs device? Sign up here to stay updated!

It might baffle you to choose from among the many, many music streaming apps that are available on the internet, but here’s where humit comes to play (get it?). With all the features for you to make the most of, this streaming platform is nothing short of a godsend for people who like to connect with like-minded folks, discover some great, unique music artists, and stream in peace.