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“You can hold a ballet and that can be successful and you can hold a rock concert and that can be successful. Just don’t hold a ballet and advertise it as a rock concert. You need to be clear with all of your stakeholders and then people get to self-select in.”
- Warren Buffet

Our Purpose

We exist to bring joy to people’s lives by building breakthrough and innovative products. We do that by challenging the status quo and doing the unthinkable. We have a strong desire to see a better world, one where the human consciousness is evolving in the right direction. Our products & business serve this mission.

Building something new, something different, making anything innovative requires the ability to surrender to the unknown. The humit Code outlines how we envision our culture, a guide to help us navigate through this unknown to build incredible products. Think of humit like a Friends' Radio.

Our Values

1. Challenge Status Quo 🧑🏻‍💻

How do we think?
We promote a workplace culture where we expect people to keep asking ‘why’. Confirmation bias often forces people to limit their views to conventional thinking. Being young and tenacious allows us to ask bold questions and think in first principles. Always be courageous, but just don’t be a jerk. We look for incredibly sharp people who align with our values.

2. Pro Sports Team (vs Rock Band) ⚽️

How do we operate?
We do not hire rockstars. In fact, we don’t hire, we draft the absolute best people. We understand that business is more pro soccer than pro music. We play to our areas of strengths and rely on others for theirs, just like a soccer team. We default to trust and give the benefit of the doubt wherever possible. We’re driven by results and have a high dedication to our work. Coach, don’t manage. We have a “team-first” attitude and we fight like we’re right but listen like we’re wrong.

3. Craft for Delight 🔮

How do we build?
We always strive to move the user by invoking delight and go out of our way to provide a memorable experience. Products aren’t lines of code, but how you make your users feel. We understand that great craftsmanship lies at the root of all inventions. We value the creative process. We see failure as an important part of building something new as long as it yields strategic insight. We aren’t afraid of being misunderstood in the short-term

4. Keep Unlearning ✍🏻

How do we evolve?
We’re never done learning. We have the quest to improve every single day and have the discipline for continuous self-improvement. We believe there is no finish line, there is no having made it. (We understand that comfort is not the ultimate objective and do whatever it takes to obliterate complacency. We look for the best answers and not just the ones in our heads. We’re antifragile and get better with adversity → 1% better every day).